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ChatMonster's Automation features help you delegate tedious and repetitive tasks to the system. Once you set up automation rules, you can enable automatic message replies, customer tagging, and conversation delegation. Even while on vacation abroad, you can continuously convert customer inquiries into orders, 24/7.


Missing a single message can mean losing a potential customer! With ChatMonster, you can provide instant replies to customer inquiries 24/7, significantly reducing their waiting time. This means you no longer have to manually respond to each message, saving a considerable amount of time.


ChatMonster supports tagging customers based on message content, making it easier to categorize and follow up later. You can also use ChatMonster's Broadcast Campaigns feature to send broadcast messages on WhatsApp to customers with specific tags.

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Enrich customer profile

Tag customers according to their preferences and purchasing cycles for categorization

Targeted promotion

Provide more targeted promotions or follow-ups, significantly increasing order conversion rates

Prioritize profitable leads

Helps you prioritize following up with potential customers showing high purchase intent


Facing a deluge of daily message inquiries, ChatMonster helps by automatically assigning customers to specific team members for follow-up, greatly reducing the workload for team leaders.

Maximize sales opportunities

Automatically assign potential customers with high purchase intent to the sales team for follow-up

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Optimized operation

Automatically directs inquiries to team members based on expertise, optimizing task allocation.

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