Reach over a Thousand Contacts with just One-Click  

Broadcast Campaigns

ChatMonster simplifies mass messaging. Connect a WhatsApp number, import your list, and send messages, the process takes just 10 minutes. Just 3 easy steps to broadcast your WhatsApp messages.

Rapid setup, Send WhatsApp Messages in just 10 minutes*

Experience the ultimate simplicity in setup! Say goodbye to the manual labor of WhatsApp Business broadcast messaging. 10-minute setup for mass promotional messaging with just a click.

*Based on average user data from the ChatMonster platform

Import over a thousand contacts effortlessly 

Broadcast list No need for businesses to manually build a message broadcast list  

Customers can receive messages without having to save the business as a contact

Exceptional Read Rates, Empowered by The Ultimate Marketing Tool

WhatsApp messages boast an impressive 98% read rate*, far surpassing Email's 25%. The ChatMonster platform amplifies this advantage with a suite of features to fully leverage your contact list's potential.

*Based on average user data from the ChatMonster platform


Schedule messages in advance

A calendar and a calendar on a tablet.


Customize messages with personal customer data (names, phone numbers, emails, etc.)

A screenshot of a cell phone with the text message first name and first name.


Efficient customer segmentation with tagging for targeted promotions


Analyze message read rates with detailed reports

A screenshot of a computer screen with the settings highlighted.

One Fee for Unlimited WhatsApp Message Sending and Receiving

ChatMonster's pricing plan is based on contact quantity, with no extra charges for the volume of WhatsApp messages sent or received. This model ensures a steady cost while significantly boosting your business's return on investment.

30-day Refund Guarantee

Cancel Paid plan users can cancel their subscription at any time

Why Choosing ChatMonster for WhatsApp Broadcast?

ChatMonster offers a permanently free plan, allowing you to experience a better user experience than WhatsApp Business at no cost

WhatsApp Business



Offers a permanent free plan

Setup Time (from creating broadcast lists to sending messages)

Over 2 hours

10 minutes

Maximum Number of Recipients per Broadcast Message



Method of Sending Messages

Can only send via mobile phone

Send through the ChatMonster platform, no phone needed

Conditions for Sending and Receiving Messages

Both businesses and customers need to save each other as contacts in advance (typically reaches only ~50% of customers)

Can send messages with just the customer’s phone number (reaches 100% of customers every time)

Message Scheduling

Adding Personal Customer Data to Messages

Data Analytics and Reporting

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